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AreaCAD-GIS enables engineers to access data previously locked up in the GIS department, while providing the best CAD tools available to edit native geospatial data.

With FDO Data Access Technology, AreaCAD-GIS Client enables team members to work with large GIS-scale data sets and directly access, without translation, advanced geospatial databases. This allows organizations to store both spatial and attribute data in one place without expensive and proprietary middleware. Since most organizations have hybrid software environments, AreaCAD-GIS Client offers direct read/write capabilities for most popular GIS formats, helping to ensure information accuracy by eliminating data conversion.

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TeleCAD-GIS is a software application for planning, design, analysing, documenting and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure.

TeleCAD-GIS, INOVA's flagship application, has several software modules dealing with various areas of customer-owned outside plant design; OSP right-of-way and route design; OSP space design; underground, direct-buried, and aerial plant design; OSP cabling hardware and OSP grounding, bonding and electrical protection, design, etc. Each software module provides customized tools for specific network topology design, dimensioning, analysis and simulation.

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