INOVA Company

INOVA company is regional leader in software development and implementation of CAD/GIS solution in the field of telecommunications, road infrastructure, power grid infrastructure, spatial planning, urbanism and other related industries.

Our GIS solutions are based on platforms of world leading companies in the field of engineering software (Autodesk) and spatial databases (Oracle). INOVA is one of six companies with “Autodesk Preferred Industry Partner” status. Besides this, INOVA possesses Oracle Gold Partner and Microsoft Business Partner accreditations.

INOVA software development and its implementation is in compliance with ISO and Open GIS standards and with principles of European directive INSPIRE. These standards and principles are starting points for our brands: INOVA TeleCAD-GIS, INOVA AreaCAD-GIS, INOVA iPLAN, INOVA iCOD, INOVA iGEO… For its GIS technology implementation model and implementation of international standards in spatial data processing, INOVA has received many international awards and recognitions (Brussels – Eureka, Odessa – Millennium… ).

We have proven our competence and quality of our solutions through implementation of more than 120 IT projects in regional companies, municipalities and goverment agencies. Most of these reference projects have been financed by regional telecom operators, World Bank, USAID, GTZ, SIDA, JICA, UNDP… The most important fact is that the experts from these organizations have verified the quality of our products.