What is RoadCAD-GIS

RoadCAD-GIS is a package of scalable hardware and software solutions for
mapping, design and maintenance of road signalization and infrastructure inventory.

RoadCAD-GIS is suitable for all levels – from local, through regional to national road infrastructure. The platform is focused on data gathering, mapping, economy and engineering analysis wit the goal of economic and efficient road maintenance and management.

List of road infrastructure comprises:

  • Sections
  • Nodes
  • Connections
  • Signalization (vertical, horizontal and light)
  • Traffic equipment (fences, edging equipment, “work on the road” marking equipment)
  • Road objects (tunnels, bridges, tool station)
  • Road elements (lanes, median, berm, drainage, slope, walls)

Road infrastructure analysis:

  • Evaluation of road network condition and need for maintenance
  • Establishing maintenance priorities
  • Calculation of maintenance expenses

INOVA RoadCAD-GIS comprises:

  • INOVA RoadCAD-GIS Recorder
    • Mobile mapping system designed for quick and economic data gathering regarding road infrastructure, signalization and equipment.
  • INOVA RoadCAD-GIS Desktop
    • Photogrammetric and GIS tool for mapping and vectorization of  recorded data.
  • INOVA RoadCAD-GIS for AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD upgrade for design and harmonization of existing  project documentation in compliance with road infrastructure data model