INOVA License Types

  • SL (Single License Mode) supports INOVA products for an single-user. Software can be installed on one computer in your company. The number of single-users you can assign per product is determined by the total number of licenses available for that product.
  • NL (Network License Mode) supports a specific maximum number of users on computers connected to a network. Licenses are issued via Network License Manager (NLM) software utility to each user who starts an INOVA product, up to the number of licenses purchased. Usually returns to NLM when a user closes all INOVA products, which makes the license available to other users.

Network License Manager

A network license allows a number of users on the same TCP/IP network to share access to product licenses. The Network License Manager (NLM), installed on one or more servers, controls the distribution of licenses to users. When you start an INOVA product, it requests a license from the license server through the network. If a license is available, NLM assigns a license to the computer, and the number of available licenses on the license server is reduced by one.

Licensing IGS

The following two licensing options are available with INOVA GIS Server:

  • Named User – that is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program.
  • Processor – shall be defined as all processors where the IGS is installed and/or running. Counting the number of processors which require licensing, a multicore chip with “n” processor cores shall be counted as “n” processors.