Useful software

Here you can download some third party software that you might find useful while using our software:

USB license key drivers

If USB hardware key is used for TeleCAD-GIS licensing than it is necessary to install supporting drivers. Drivers are provided as a part of TeleCAD-GIS installation meaning that no additional installation is required. However, if you have any problems with the drivers, you can download them from the site of the manufacturer and install them on your computer.

Download Gemalto (Sentinel) Drivers

Direct download Gemalto (Sentinel) Drivers

Autodesk ARX Enablers

Autodesk ARX Enablers (or Autodesk Object Enablers) are Autodesk freeware applications that enable access to drawing objects out of their native environment.

If a .dwg file is created in (e.g.) AutoCAD Civil 3D it is quite possible that such file contains objects that are unique for AutoCAD Civil 3D. These objects are not visible in “regular” AutoCAD (or some other product that you might have). In order to make them visible in this particular case it is necessary to install „AutoCAD Civil 3D Object Enabler”.

What object enabler is required depends on the application that originally created the file you are trying to open. You can ask this the person from which you have received the file.

You should start the search for the appropriate Object Enabler on the page Object Enablers.

There you need to find Autodesk product that YOU are using and follow the link.

On the new page find the program in which the file was original created.
Download that object enabler and install it.

Autodesk viewers

DWG TrueView™

DWG TrueView™ is a free Autodesk .dwg viewer. It also includes DWG TrueConvert™ software that can convert between new and old .dwg file formats.

Download DWG TrueView™ from the Autodesk download page.


Autodesk Design Review™

Autodesk Design Review™ is another free application that enebles viewing .dwg files and more (e.g. printing, commenting…).
You can find out more about Autodesk Design Review™ features on the Autodesk Design Review™ page.

Download it from the Autodesk download page.

Teigha File Converter:

„Teigha® File Converter is a free cross-platform application provided by the ODA (Open Design Alliance) to end users only for the conversion of .dwg and .dxf files to/from different versions.”

Teigha® File Converter Download page.
(Look for the Windows version.)


Use “Input Folder” field to enter address of the folder containing the files you want to convert.

Use “Output Folder” field to enter address of the folder where you want to put converted files.

Use “Input files filter” field to enter the types of files that are to be converted.

  • *:DWG – all .dwg files found in input folder are going to be converted
  • *:DWF – all .dwf files found in input folder are going to be converted
  • *.DWG; *:DWF – all .dwg and .dwf files found in input folder are going to be converted

Use “Output version” field to select version for the converted files.

Click “Start” to begin conversion.

Completion of the conversion process shall be marked with the word “Done” in the „Folder progress” field.

Also, there are two options that can be activated using check boxes:

  • Recurse folders – if there are subfolders in “Input folder” containing .dvg and/or .dwf files those files shall be converted too.
  • Audit – if .dvg and/or .dwf files contain errors those errors shall be corrected the same way they would be when using AUDIT command within AutoCAD based applications.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports component displays TeleCAD-GIS reports (it comes with the TeleCAD-GIS installation). Component is not OS dependent. If you are having trouble displaying reports generated by TeleCAD-GIS most probably there is a problem related to this component or the component is missing all together.

Prior to Crystal Reports component installation it is necessary to uninstall its previous versions.

Download Crystal Reports for TeleCAD-GIS 2016, platform AutoCAD 2017.

Download Crystal Reports for TeleCAD-GIS 2018, platform AutoCAD 2017.