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Autodesk – software for your vision

Whether you are into engineering, design or media business, Autodesk has the solution for you. Sales of licenses, training center, certification and technical support - a package of services in one place - GEOINOVA.

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TeleCAD-GIS 2024 - What's New?

The most important new features and improvements in the TeleCAD-GIS 2024 version: Optical network diagram Microducts diagram Display of the associated main duct at each address Automatic assignment of microducts sheath color in a common trench Automatic fiber splicing TCG objects selection through properties Detecting problems on the route Digitization of the route TCG import TCG export Customized operating modes for the selected telco operator Naming convention of network elements in accordance with the operating mode Reporting according to the operating mode Preprint settings Management of the display of elements in accordance with the operating mode TCG Assistant Android App TeleCAD-GIS 2024 also brings support for working on the Android platform. Unlike previous versions that used web browsers as a platform, the new version now comes as an Android app. It allows offline work, which is a big advantage for field working. The application, in this version, enables the updating of data downloaded from TeleCAD-GIS or GIS database as well as the collection of new data in the field. In addition to the standard TeleCAD-GIS features that can be updated or created, it is now possible to take one or more photos, add a note, update the status (for example, status of construction phase) and add a comment. With each change, the date and time are automatically recorded. Web help link Installation package link

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Telecom tower inspection

GeoINOVA has all the necessary documentation for the execution of flying ventures, which includes a drone registration certificate, an insurance policy, and a pilot certificate. Software for image processing is Pix4D, which enables precise results, simple analysis, and keeping documentation up-to-date. Some of the basic functionalities are: the creation of accurate 2D maps and 3D models from images; measuring distance, area, and volume; adding notes; generation of elevation profiles; conducting virtual inspections; and the possibility of sharing recordings with other interested parties. The specification is available via the link. With the help of these technologies, that is, digital replicas, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the condition of hard-to-access objects of the telecommunications infrastructure, such as poles. Therefore, an up-to-date record of them has been obtained: the equipment that is installed and which space is available for rent. The biggest advantages are: 75% faster data collection; automated asset inventory; cutting inspection time by 80%.

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Participation in the XI International Scientific Conference STED in Trebinje

Our colleague and CEO, Milana Radujković, in her doctoral studies, participated in the international scientific conference on social and technological development, which was held in Trebinje, from June 2nd to 5th this year. On that occasion, she spoke about the use of passive solar systems and green areas in buildings in the function of increasing the energy efficiency of residential buildings. In her research work, she used Autodesk Revit software with Insight plug-in for energy analysis and came up with interesting data on energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions on an annual basis. You can see more about the research and analysis in the The Book of Abstracts published on the official website of the conference:  On that occasion, she won the award for the best oral presentation in the field of "Ecology, energy efficiency and green energy". We congratulate our colleague on her success and thank the organizers for the invitation to participate and the wonderful experience during our stay in Trebinje.

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Our TOP 10 largest Autodesk clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina (APS Engineering)

"We are APS Engineering - a company with a focus on the field of facade engineering within which we offer consulting services, design, engineering, production, and delivery of facades, facade positions, and elements.  Our team of experts in the field of architecture, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering is closely specialized to apply their knowledge and experience in the field of facade industry, construction, and design of suspended facades, and various types of facade systems such as Reynaers, Aliplast, Alumil, Aluprof, and many others.  APS Engineering was founded in 2007 and since then through years of hard work we have, step by step, climbed the very top of facade engineering. Together with our clients and partner companies around the world, we create exceptional projects located in metropolises such as London (UK), New York (USA), Frankfurt (DE), and many others. Our quality has been recognized by large companies around the world, primarily in markets of the Netherlands, England, and the United States, and to a lesser extent the market of other countries.  The average age of our team is 35, which means that we are a company that gives young people the opportunity to grow together with us."

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20 years of INNOVATION

20 years ago, we signed the first contract with a telecommunications company that needed a unique picture of the networks and systems it manages. We offered an innovative solution: the integration of CAD and GIS tools, ie. development of a "smart" FM system as a basic IT support for the processes of planning, design, maintenance and management of telecommunications infrastructure. We are proud that this company is one of our most important partners even after 20 years.

Today we are partners with more than 400 companies, organizations and management. Most of them manage or participate in financing the sustainable development of complete space and specific infrastructure systems.

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Our partners

INOVA is the official representative / distributor of the following companies:

INOVA cooperation

telekom srbija

The largest telecom operator in Serbia. It uses the INOVA GIS Platform to maintain its optical cable network, copper network and protective cable duct network.


Telenor is a telecom operator in Serbia that uses the INOVA GIS Platform to maintain its network of optical cables.

akcionarsko drustvo srbije

EMS manages the transport high-voltage power network and uses the INOVA GIS Platform to maintain its optical network performed underground, over the air and via OPGW cables.

alfa therm srbija

The largest user of Autodesk software in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It offers services in the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, technical plans, precision air conditioning, automation and central monitoring systems.

telekom srpske

Telecom operator of Republika Srpska (BiH). It uses the INOVA GIS Platform to maintain its network of optical and copper cables, as well as the network of protective cable ducts.


Telecom operator of Montenegro. It uses the INOVA GIS Platform to maintain its network of optical and copper cables, as well as the network of protective cable ducts.


EPS manages the high-voltage power distribution network and uses the INOVA GIS Platform to maintain its optical network performed underground, over the air and via OPGW cables.


SBB is a Serbian internet and cable operator. It uses TeleCAD-GIS to maintain its fiber-optic networks.


Blicnet is a local internet provider in the city of Banja Luka (BiH). It uses the INOVA GIS Platform to maintain its network of optical cables.


Telrad Net is a local internet provider present in the area of the city of Bijeljina (BiH). It uses TeleCAD-GIS to maintain its optical network and protective cable duct network.

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