TeleCAD-GIS licensing concept

This text will help you to better understand licensing method and it will help you in planning the license purchase so you can use options that best suit the needs of your company.

Demo version of TeleCAD-GIS program package can be downloaded from the download section of our website. It can be used for an unlimited period but with limitation that only 300 objects can be in the drawing.


  • use during a limited time period (quarterly, yearly or three year period)
  • unique License key with one or more licenses
  • use program package wherever you need by releasing and reacquiring the license
  • internet access is required only when using TeleCAD-GIS License Manager

    Single-use permanent license

  • use of program package is limited to a single user
  • license is located on a USB stick
  • this licensing type is used for TeleCAD-GIS 2016 version and older

    Network (multiuser) license

  • dedicated to users with large number of licenses (30 and more)
  • License Manager is installed on a local server
  • license is released by closing the application; starting the application takes the license
  • access to local network is required through the entire period of software package exploitation

    Basic difference between subscription, permanent and network license are:

  • In case of subscription you gain right to free update of purchased version as well as the right to use new versions released during subscription period.
  • In case of network license with subscription you have more initial investment because you need to provide server where INOVA® License Manager is to be installed and license price is increased because it enables license release by simply turning of TeleCAD-GIS program package. This type of licensing is in the future reserved only for large users i.e. for those with 30 or more licenses.
  • In case of subscription you always have the latest software version and the license is used whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Permanent licenses are no longer available but upgrade of existing ones to TeleCAD-GIS 2021 version is supported.
  • In case of permanent license you gain right to free update of purchased version while switching to newer version implies purchase of new version.

Authorization: After installation of INOVA® software it is necessary to activate your INOVA® software as described in TeleCAD-GIS License Manager document.

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