Object model for Trimble GPS devices

Object model is a simple „tcg_objmodel.inf” file that installs into Trimble GPS devices. It contains information regarding the structure of telecommunications objects as defined in TeleCAD-GIS.

This way, the user of Trimble GPS device with installed object model can turn any recorded point into some type of TeleCAD-GIS objects (e.g. manhole, ODF, splice case, NID…) and to attribute them with properties such as numeration, address, capacity, etc. The same goes for linear objects like routes, cables and ducts.

Infrastructure recorded in this way can easily be imported into TeleCAD-GIS. Practically, through the very process of recording the infrastructure one can complete the “drawing” part of the work i.e. work with geometry. Remaining task for TeleCAD-GIS user is to define relations between network elements i.e. connectivity and associativity (splicing and arranging cables into ducts). For this TeleCAD-GIS offers the whole spectrum of tools that enable simple and automated work on telecommunications network infrastructure elements.

Use the link below to download the example of an object model that enables recording of routes, ducts and manholes using Trimble GPS devices. Package contains object model file („tcg_objmodel.inf”) and two additional files („primer.att” i „primer.pos”). These two later files are example of a result after recording with the device. Use them to test loading into the TeleCAD-GIS.

Object model can be expanded to enable recording of other infrastructure types such as fiber-optics, HFC, and copper. It can also be adopted to be used with devices of other vendors.

TCG Object Model

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