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TeleCAD-GIS 2021 introduces support for work on Android platform. As opposed to previous versions which have been using web browsers as a platform new version comes as an Android application. It enables offline work which comes as a great advantage when working on a field. Application in this version enables update of data loaded from TeleCAD-GIS or from GIS database as well as recording new data on a field. Together with standard TeleCAD-GIS properties that can be created or updated now it is possible to create one or more photos, add note, update status (construction) and add comment. Every change automatically records date and time.

    Design phase:

  • gathering subscribers field data,
  • update location and other properties of FDB or FO cabinets,
  • updating projected area boundaries,
  • location update or location recording of manholes or poles.

    Construction phase:

  • construction monitoring by updating TCG objects statuses,
  • gathering and updating subscribers field data,
  • location update (with photo) and update of other FDB/FO cabinet properties,
  • recording or updating of locations and pole conditions (especially useful with existing poles),
  • photo recording of manhole walls.

The above functionalities provide insight into the planned implementation, but in no way represent a final set of functionalities.

If we take photo as an example: each taken photo is directly associated with TCG object. Without any additional steps it goes into the GIS database and can be viewed and updated using all GIS applications and at any time.

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