GeoINOVA is expanding the scope of its activities and improving its business with the support of UNDP


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GeoINOVA is supported through the DigitalBIZ project implemented by the United Nations Development Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project "DigitalBIZ" aims to support companies that want to introduce the use of digital tools and equipment with the aim of digital transformation through improving their own processes of work and production, opening new business opportunities and markets, and strengthening resilience to risks and external influences. The project implies the procurement of a drone with accompanying equipment for photogrammetric recording and image processing software. In cooperation with the DronSolution company from Sarajevo City, the procedure for the purchase of drones from the Japanese manufacturer DJI Phantom 4 RTK was initiated. More information on the link

The main advantage of working with photogrammetry is accessibility. Modern technologies of drones and mapping software have made maps more accurate and simplified the work of all organizations dealing with spatial data, ie. by establishing GIS systems in various fields. Pix4D software will be used to process the images. More information on the link.

The estimated deadline for the project implementation is May 2022, and the activities will be implemented through several phases: procurement of equipment, drone pilot training and certification, insurance and registration of drones in the records of the Civil Aviation Directorate of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The training will take place at the DronSolution Academy, the first drone pilot school in BiH.

Sustainability after the project implementation will be ensured in such a way that all employees who undergo training in the use of these technologies can independently perform all accompanying activities, constantly improve them and expand their knowledge and skills.

"Ultimately, supporting SME through a combination of individual measures will lead to more efficient and complete responses to their business needs. At the same time, this support promotes advanced approaches to SME, and focuses on developing the necessary knowledge and skills of employees with the aim of easier and faster access to markets. Through this support, the competitiveness and  productivity of SME will directly increase and faster economic growth will be enabled," UNDP representatives emphasized.