Our TOP 10 largest Autodesk clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina (T&E Design bureau)


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"T&E is a design  bureau founded in 2013 in Sarajevo. This design bureau offers a complete service of constructive design documentation for buildings, industrial facilities, and reconstruction and rehabilitation of buildings. The main activity of this company is to design the construction phase of buildings, consulting and outsourcing. The market in which we mostly work is Germany and we have very good cooperation with German engineering bureaus with which we have worked in other countries such as Ecuador, China, Turkey, etc. Cooperation with German bureaus has brought us invaluable experience in applying the latest scientific and practical methods in modern engineering.

Many activities and projects would not be possible without Autodesk.

Our great support is GeoINOVA from Banja Luka, which, with its professional and up-to-date approach, is our reliable Autodesk partner."

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